The European Union (EU) Heads of Mission have welcomed the recent positive and courageous steps taken by Libyans to end years of conflict and division and to move towards the stability, unity and sovereignty of their country free of foreign interference.

The EU added in a statement that they commend UN Acting Special Representative Stephanie Williams and her team for her successful efforts and determination to facilitate these historic opportunities.

"These steps must be followed and consolidated by a successful outcome of the UN-facilitated Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) that begins its deliberations today. This Forum, mandated by the Berlin Declaration and the UN Security Council, and representing all strands of Libyan people, has now the legitimacy to agree on a new unified executive governance" The statement reads.

It adds that it also has a roadmap to national elections in the shortest possible timeframe, incorporating human rights and international humanitarian law as well as much needed financial and economic reforms as integral parts of the process toward sustainable peace and reconciliation.

"We strongly reaffirm the need for a full and meaningful inclusion and participation of women in the peace process and we fully support women’s active participation in the LPDF." The EU indicated.

The EU said it was ready to recommend taking restrictive measures against those who obstruct the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum and the other tracks of the Berlin process, and against those who continue to plunder state funds or commit human rights abuses and violations, all over the country.

"We stand with the immense majority of Libyans who reject violence and terrorism, oppose foreign interference, and come together in peaceful and patriotic dialogue." The statement indicates.