The Ministry of Local Governing of the Government of National Unity reviewed two projects proposed to be implemented in Libya in the field of fishing and environmental safety.

This came during a meeting by the Minister of Local Governing, Badr Al-Deen Al-Toumi, on Sunday, with the European Union Ambassador, Nicola Orlando, a representative of the Italian Embassy, a representative of the Trento Province, the General Coordinator of the “Rebuild” project, and the project’s work team.

According to the General Coordinator of Rebuild project, the number of municipalities partnering in the project is ten, including five coastal municipalities targeted by the fishing project, pointing to the role of the two projects in achieving development and rebuilding capabilities to bring about financial profits for the targeted municipalities, and thus benefit the Libyan society in general.

As for the European Union Ambassador, he considered this project to be the most important among the European Union's projects in the field of sustainable development, expressing the European Union’s happiness with this partnership.

While Al-Toumi expressed his direct support for the targeted projects, and stressed the necessity of close coordination with the Ministry to ensure the success of these projects, indicating that the stage that the local administration is going through differs from its predecessors, as it has allocated some financial flows to it in the past two years, which has made it more effective and active than before.

The Minister reiterated the importance of continuing to hold joint planning meetings among the relevant technical departments of the Ministry, the Trento Province team, and the mayors of municipalities, as well as the necessity of examining the possibility of increasing the number of partner municipalities within the fishing project in order to achieve the greatest benefit.