European Union's (EU) Operation IRINI, which is responsible for implementing the arms embargo on Libya, said that it had inspected 553 commercial ships via radio calls on average in last January, adding that it had monitored 20 suspicious flights out of 1,356, in addition to monitoring 25 airports and runways, as well as 16 ports and oil stations.

The operation indicated that in January, no visits were carried out on board ships, except for those recorded since the beginning of the mandate, which are estimated at 597 visits, according to what was published by the Italian Nova News Agency.

Since its authorization in March 2020, the operation has investigated 13,159 ships, in addition to monitoring 1,356 suspicious voyages and submitting 49 special cases to the United Nations Panel of Experts on Libya.

The reports included violations or potential violations of the arms embargo and oil smuggling activities in the east and west of the country, and it issued 84 recommendations to inspect suspicious ships in the ports of European Union's member states to the relevant police agencies, 67 of which were implemented.