Libya's Fatwa House has called for the parliamentary election to precede that of the president, saying this would expedite the departure of the High Council of State and the House of Representatives "which lack legitimacy."

The Council of Sharia Research and Studies of the Fatwa House said in a statement Sunday that the continuation of the two councils has worsened the situation on the ground at an unprecedented scale, insisting that neither of them had the legitimacy to continue.

"The two Councils must now seek without further tampering with time; To hold parliamentary elections, per the previous election law issued in 2014, without distracting people by forming committees for issuing new laws, the aim of which is nothing but to gain time." The statement reads.

The Fatwa House also called on the authorities responsible of preparing for the parliamentary elections, to expedite the procedures that guarantee their integrity, first and foremost; Reforming the national number system, which has been proven to contain at least one million forged national numbers, according to the statement.