Last week, a team from the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) with a group of academics and jurists from the universities of Tripoli, Misrata, Al-Zawiya, the Open University in Tripoli, and the Bar Association, to exchange views on developments in the political and constitutional tracks in Libya.

According to the media office of UNSMIL, the Libyan experts stressed the necessity of continuing the dialogue with the aim of reaching a solid constitutional framework that expresses the will of all Libyans and moves the country to a stage of sustainable political stability.

They also called for removing all obstacles to the progress of the constitutional process and creating the atmosphere for holding safe, free and comprehensive elections.

UNSMIL's team stressed the importance of the contribution of Libyan national expertise, along with political actors, in formulating the country’s constitutional framework, and it reiterated the mission's readiness to provide the necessary support to advance the electoral process in accordance with its mandate.