The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) announced full readiness to hold general and municipal elections, reaffirming its commitment to implementing the issued electoral laws.

HNEC explained that the delay in holding municipal elections is due to technical and administrative challenges, including rebuilding the voter registration system, the slow response of some government institutions, and the lack of necessary financial funds.

It also reported an increase in the number of municipalities included in the municipal elections to 106 ones, indicating that their names will be announced before the implementation process begins.

Regarding the general elections, the HNEC confirmed that it is awaiting agreement on the government that will supervise support for the electoral process. It pointed out that it had approved voter registration regulations for the National Assembly and President of the State elections, calling on citizens to register in the voter register and participate in determining the fate of the country.

It also called on state institutions to cooperate with it and facilitate its tasks without restrictions or conditions, expressing its confidence in the success of the upcoming municipal elections.