The commander of the so-called Anti-ISIS Operations Room in Sabratha (75 kilometers away from Tripoli) Omar Abdeljalil said they had thwarted an attack by armed groups that was trying to control the city.

Abdeljalil told reporters on Sunday that the armed groups tried to enter Sabratha from the southern part but “our forces managed to foil the attack,” adding that they lost nobody and none of the fighters were injured.

High alert was announced in Sabratha Educational Hospital after wounded persons started arriving in there.

Local sources reported that fighting broke out Sunday morning between Salafist Brigade “Al-Wadi” which is under the umbrella of Anti-ISIS Operations Room that is controlling Sabratha and forces headed by Brigade 148 led by Ahmmed Al-Dabbashi (A.K.A. Al-Ammo) which were trying to enter the city.

“Clashes were reported in Sabratha’s Jafara district in the southern part of the city against forces of Military Council of Sabratha led by Al-Taher Al-Gharabli.” An official at the city’s security department said, adding that study in schools was suspended and students were sent home due to the clashes, besides closing shops and state institutions due to exchange of fire started by “sleeper cells.”

The Head of the military council, Al-Gharabli, has not yet commented on the clashes.

Meanwhile, several media outlets linked the attack Sunday with the threats made previously by the western military zone’s commander Osama Al-Juwaili who vowed to drive out Sabratha the Salafist Al-Wadi Brigade.

However, the western military zone did not comment on the clashes.