The Libyan Army forces under the command of Presidential Council's government have regained control of parts of Al-Tawaisha and Al-Tughar - between Al-Aziziya and Tripoli - after retreating from them days ago leaving them for Khalifa Haftar's forces without fighting.

Eyewitnesses from Al-Tughar said Haftar's forces forced many residents in the area to leave since entering the district on Thursday plus carrying out looting acts in different houses and properties.

"Volcano of Rage forces pulled out from the two frontlines due to lack of supplies and ammunition, but when military reinforcement arrived, they launched an attack and retook the lost positions as Haftar's forces got pushed further out of the area." Sources from Volcano of Rage Operation said.

Meanwhile, a source from Special Deterrence Force denied that Libyan Army forces had attacked Haftar's forces near Fatima Al-Zahraa Mosque on Ain Zara frontline for advancing on new positions, saying they had foiled an attempt by Haftar's forces to advance on the same fighting zone.

The commander of Salah Al-Deen frontline said their forces had foiled an attack "by Sudanese mercenaries of Haftar's forces late on Saturday on Khallatat and Yarmouk Camp frontlines.

The commander added that Libyan Army forces caused Haftar's forces a heavy damage as they tried to advance on the two frontlines.

In the meantime, Haftar's warplanes carried out four airstrikes on Al-Tawaisha, Tripoli Airport, and Yarmouk Camp frontlines without causing casualties, according to a source from Volcano of Rage Operation.