The Libyan Mufti Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani said remaining silent about the recent "aggression on Tripoli" in the midst of the ongoing rimes would encourage criminals to repeat it.

The Mufti added on Tanasuh TV on Wednesday that "this recent aggression is the third attempt by Haftar's government to enter Tripoli because the law wasn't implemented in their first and second attempts."

He also welcomed the statement of Bazina Street locals in Misrata that rejected the Fathi Bashagha's government, which the Mufti called "Haftar's government" and called on all Misrata locals to do the same.

"Now the conflict is between one project that aims to hold elections this year and another that wants to enable Haftar: Bashagha's government. I urge all parties to cooperate to hold elections as per 2012 electoral law and to ignore UN projects and Egypt's proposals.

The Libyan Mufti applauded all brigades from Tripoli, Al-Zawiya, Misrata and Zliten that thwarted "the aggression on Tripoli", hailing the Joint Operations Room, which he said used drone strikes to change the course of the fighting.

He hailed the efforts of the Attorney General and Military Prosecutor for doing their jobs and listing those who participated in the "crime in Tripoli" as wanted for arrest, asking; What's the role of the Attorney General regarding the killing and destruction that took place in Tripoli?

Speaking on another subject, the Libyan Mufti said most mosques in Libya are now controlled by Madkhali followers, a group that infiltrated Libya with their idles and clothes. He called for reforming the Awqaf Authority and returning its leadership to Libya.