Former Kuwaiti MP, Nasser Al-Duwaila revealed that Egypt had submitted to the Arab League a draft resolution aimed at marginalizing the internationally recognized Government of National Accord, based in Tripoli, in order to enhance the legitimacy of Haftar in the Arab world.

"Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Iraq thwarted an Egyptian agenda to undermine the legitimacy of the Tripoli-based government, to confer greater legitimacy to Haftar in the Arab region", Al-Duwaila said.

He added that the Arabs are tired of the adventures of Bolton, Kushner, and Netanyahu team, and voted for the legitimacy of the Government of National Accord.

Views on the conflict in Libya remain deferred among Arab states, as some reject the interference in Libyan affairs and expressed their disapproval of the recent attack on Tripoli, while others demonstrated clearly their support for Haftar's aggression against the capital, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, and on top were Egypt and the UAE.