Libya's Health Ministry has dispatched a delegation to the International Medical Centre in Egypt to assess the centre's capabilities and explore the potential for a strategic partnership between the Ministry and the International Medical Centre, affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Defence.

According to Tawfiq Darsi, Deputy Minister of Health, the visit is intended to finalize an agreement to exchange professional and scientific expertise between the International Medical Centre and medical centres in Libya. 

Darsi further explained that the Memorandum aims to localize complex medical treatments in Libya, particularly spinal deformities, neurosurgery, and vascular surgery. 

The goals will be achieved by hosting visiting professors from the International Medical Centre in Libyan medical facilities to perform surgeries and train medical and auxiliary medical staff inside and outside Libya.

In March 2022, the Minister of Health signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Medical Centre, establishing a primary reference for any contracts, twinning programs, and joint therapeutic protocols. 

The initiatives aim to provide treatment services to patients and localize treatment services in Libya, using shared medical points for practical knowledge, hands-on training, data sharing, and improving healthcare services.