The Tripoli Criminal Court ruled Monday to sentence the former First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Al-Siddiq AbdulKarim, for a prison time of five years, in addition to sentencing five other officials from Ali Zidan government for 42 months in jail over financial corruption.

A statement published by the Public Prosecutor's Office on its Facebook page indicated that the judiciary had looked into the violations attributed to the defendants regarding their activity that resulted in financial obligations owed by the state, adding that as a result of violating the rules of contracting by the management bodies, while the court estimated the amount of damage to public money they caused. The court fined them an amount of 270 million, 860 thousand and 528 dinars, and stripped them of civil rights.

On November 22, 2021, Al-Siddiq AbdulKarim submitted his candidacy papers for presidential elections to the High National Elections Commission in Tripoli, and said in a speech after submitting his candidacy that he would like to work with everyone in order to bring Libya to safety.

On January 5, 2022, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the detention of AbdulKarim pending investigation into violating the rules governing the contracting of the management bodies and circumventing the oversight procedures entrusted to the Audit Bureau. His violations are represented in the division of direct assignment procedures issued to 11 companies into 121 direct assignments to the companies themselves.