Misrata airport

The February 17 Movement has issued a statement urging the judicial authorities in Misrata to investigate ongoing corruption and smuggling cases amid growing public concern over such issues.

In a statement on Saturday, the bloc emphasized the need for state facilities to operate under government security agencies, demanding that all individuals implicated in smuggling or illegal activities be held accountable.

In a call for a peaceful resolution, the group encouraged the revolutionaries of Misrata to pursue these objectives via dialogue and non-violent means. It also appealed to decision-makers to actively work towards the desired aims within their respective areas of influence.

The call to action follows recent media revelations involving leaked audio recordings, which allegedly implicate Fathi Makhlouf, head of Misrata Airport Customs, and Abu Qasim Al-Samoudi, a leader in the Joint Operations Force, in a significant gold smuggling operation at Misrata Airport.

The recording suggests coordination between the two in smuggling activities and implies complicity on the part of the Administrative Control Authority.