The GNC held on Wednesday a meeting in Tripoli to discuss the political dialogue process following the appointment of new UNSMIL chief Martin Kobler.

According to Congressman Mahmud Abdulaziz Hasan, the GNC wants a reply from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to the letter of GNC president Nuri Abu Sahmain regarding Bernardino Leon's UAE scandal.

On November 05, Abu Sahmain asked Ban Ki-moon and members of the UNSC to clarify their stances on Leon's appointment in the UAE, which casts doubt over the role of UN mission in Libya and undermines the political process.

 The GNC also demands clarifications about the criteria and regulations, which the new envoy Kobler will adopt in the new dialogue process.

"We want a hand-written promise from Kobler stating he would be impartial." Mahmud says.

"The GNC also demands replacement for unwanted members of UNSMIL." He adds.

Martin Kobler kicked off his mission with a meeting with some members of the outgoing parliament in Tobruk. Member Abdul-Salam Nasiya said Kobler had promised them of support from US, EU, UNSC and international community, though he didn't mention what kind of support would be provided.

After his meeting with Tobruk parliament members, Kobler said his visit to Libya aims to demonstrate consistency and continuity of the work of the United Nations and to convey a sense of urgency to conclude the agreement.

"We cannot reopen the agreement and I encourage the HoR to go for a positive vote." He said.

Martin Kobler is expected to visit Tripoli and meet GNC members on Sunday.