Sources from Sirte reported on Monday that Khalifa Haftar's forces started a campaign of arrests of a number of supporters of the Gaddafi regime in the city.

The sources confirmed that Tariq bin Ziyad brigade arrested two young men from Buhadi area: Al-Mutasim Al-Shibani and Mohammed Al-Gahsi.

Activists posted photos from Buhadi, which is witnessing a widespread presence of Haftar forces' cars on the main roads, ahead of the anniversary of Gaddafi's coup: September 01.

Sirte witnessed a similar campaign of arrests carried out by Haftar's forces in the same period last year.

In 2014, Libya saw an alliance between supporters of Gaddafi and Haftar, as they participated side by side in the battles of Benghazi and Derna, as supporters of Gaddafi also participated strongly in Haftar's aggression against Tripoli in 2019, before this alliance disintegrated with the reappearance of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi in July 2021, when he was released from Zintan after ten years' detention.

The rift between the two sides intensified after Haftar ran for the presidency from Benghazi, and Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi ran from Sebha.