French website Africa Intelligence said Friday that pro-Haftar authorities in Benghazi reactivated seven free zone areas hoping to bring investments in the eastern region in a project in Bamab Gulf free zone area between Tobruk and Derna.

The website said the former government of Andullah Al-Thinni set up the Bamba Gulf projects' vision in 2015 but Haftar-led military investment authority relaunched the project in January 2022 and became in control as Haftar continues to look for foreign partners to implement the projects, including communication with French firms, but no contracts have been signed yet.

Al-Marissa in Benghazi suburbs is the main free zone area in eastern Libya and is meant to compete with Misrata free zone area in west Libya, whose port gives the city a huge political importance.

The website said building free zone areas will harbor somehow legal and booming commercial transactions such as cigarettes, drugs and smuggled commodities, which is happening sometimes under the watch of Haftar's senior military leaders.