In words echoing his thirst for war, Khalifa Haftar said Monday that the "Libyan Army" is under no authority and that he won't succumb to "trickery" in the name of "civilian life".

Speaking at a parade for his forces in Benghazi to commemorate the 81st anniversary of establishing the Libyan Army, Haftar said his forces will continue to fight "waves of terrorists who came to Libya with murder and decapitation," saying his forces are "the cornerstone for people's demands of the Libyan Army when their lives are in danger.

Haftar said he is with any party that wants to achieve justice and peace, saying he won't recognize "humility agreements", and that his forces paved the way for what is going on in Libya, as without his forces, "there won't be a unity government and elections".

Despite the crowdedness of his secret prisons and the murders he committed against his opponents, Haftar said his forces had never been a tool of aggression or oppression against Libyans.