Khalifa Haftar -who is being sued in US courts for allegedly committing war crimes in Libya- has requested a US Federal Court to suspend a case filed against him or issue a preventive ruling, Emadeddin Zahri Muntasser, the Democracy and Human Rights Foundation head, revealed on Wednesday.

"The court has set April 29 to consider his request in detail. The court may reject the request and cancel the hearing if it finds the writ lacks legal or evidentiary grounds," Muntasser wrote on Facebook.

He indicated that this petition concerns the lawyer of the plaintiffs' request from the US government and the CIA to disclose documents related to how Haftar obtained US citizenship.

According to Muntasser, the defendant's lawyer objected to this request because "obtaining citizenship is not related to the charges against his client."

Al-Muntasser had stated that the court scheduled Haftar's interrogation on April 25, and this matter was unilateral from the plaintiffs' lawyer after Haftar failed to respond to the counsel's requests to set a mutually convenient date.