Khalifa Haftar's Dignity Operation command has issued a statement threatening to punish all journalists, media figures, activists and political analysts who oppose its offensive against Tripoli, describing them as "inciting hate and crime against the army forces and supporting terrorism."

The statement on Sunday said the command is following closely those who appear on the media of the Muslim Brotherhood Group or those who go on social media for their incitement of crimes and terrorism against the army forces who are fighting "the remnants of terrorists in Tripoli."

It says those people will be punished by law after the criminal gangs and terrorists are defeated.

"Our forces are legitimate and are appointed by the Libyan House of Representatives to eliminate terrorism and anyone who provokes violence against those forces is liable to punishment by the Libyan law." It further added.

Haftar and his forces describe all their opponents as terrorists and say they are against the building of the army and security institutions.

Many activists and journalists who oppose Haftar's military operations in Tripoli were targeted by random arrest campaigns in areas under his forces' control, including federalist Osama Al-Arebi and head of oil workers' syndicate Saad Al-Fakhiri.