The so-called information unit of Khalifa Haftar's militias has said they carried out airstrikes against Chadian rebel groups inside Libyan territory.

"The landing and parachute division has conducted an airdrop in the Kalenga mountains near the Chadian border after the air force targeted gatherings of the Chadian opposition," the unit said on Facebook.

Haftar's forces had declared a state of alert on the southern border following the bombing of Chadian rebel groups stationed on the Libyan side.

The military junta in Chad is believed to be behind the attacks that killed more than 50 Chadian rebels inside Libya and destroyed their equipment and weapon stores.

In view of these developments, fears amount that Libya would be a battlefield in the war between the Chadian parties.

Al Jazeera Net quoted a source in the Chadian presidency as saying that the aerial bombardment took place after coordination with the Libyan government, though he did not specify "which government", the UN-recognized government based in Tripoli or the parallel authorities in Benghazi.

However, Mohamed Jakou, leader of the Chadian opposition Front for Change and Accord, accused Dbeibah's government (GNU) of giving the green light for the attacks.

"The ruling military junta in Chad had obtained the green light from the Libyan GNU to target Chadian opposition sites in southern Libya," Jako told the Italian Nova news agency.

He said the move is "a serious threat to peace in the region as a whole," warning that there will be "a quick and unrestrained reaction from the rebels.