The High Council of State (HCS) Head Khaled Al-Mishri said that Khalifa Haftar lacks the legal requirements to get him on the ballots at the end of the year

Al-Mishri pointed out during an interview with France 24, that Haftar is a military man and has a foreign nationality, besides the cases filed against him in local and international courts. "If he passes these conditions - which he would not be able to - he can run for elections."

The HCS head questioned the new authority's ability to overcome the current challenges, saying that the new executive authority lacks diversity and does not reflect the two ends of the conflict.

Al-Mishri reaffirmed his support for the UN efforts to resolve the conflict in Libya, despite his reservations about some of its mechanisms, indicating that the crimes committed in the country cannot be ignored.

"There are crimes that cannot be crossed, including war crimes and inhuman crimes, such as those committed in Tarhouna, southern Tripoli, Benghazi, Derna, and Qanfouda."

Al-Mishri noted that among his reservations was the selection of the members of dialogue, as the UN mission set no precise criteria, as he put it, in addition to "overriding the source of true legitimacy, which is the people". He explained that they have accepted this due to the exceptional circumstances of the present stage.

He also commended the efforts of former Acting UN Envoy Head, Stephani Williams, indicating that she had "succeeded in her mission to some extent", and was able to lead the dialogue to a conclusion. He also reiterated that they stand ready to help the PC and government at this stage.