The member of the High Council of State (HCS) Abu Al-Qasim Gazit blamed an Arab Gulf country, he did not name, for encouraging Khalifa Haftar to attack Libya's capita Tripoli.

Speaking to Arraed Media Network, Gazit said Haftar is "gasping for and obsessed with power and a dictator who is hindering a peaceful solution in Libya."

He added that many political and military figures in Cyrenaica region had disowned Haftar's offensives and military escalation.

"The attempt to enter Tripoli by Haftar's forces would result in a long battle and destructive one. Media loyal to Haftar started their campaign even before the offensive to make Haftar look like welcome in Tripoli and make Misrata look like it is divided regarding the war and wishes no part in the fighting. This evaporated day one of the offensive." Gazit said.

He indicated that the political efforts being done by the Presidential Council is escalating but is not yet at the required level.

"France is betraying its revolution's principles as it is presenting in Libya an imperialistic stance that is driven by double standards. Emmanuel Macron showed the ugly face of colonial France." He added.

Gazit expected anti-Haftar protests to take place as his attack in Tripoli had been almost repelled on the outskirts.