The head of the teachers guild, Abdulnabi Al-Niff, has been set free after his arrest last Thursday at Mitiga Airport.

Al-Niff gave a brief statement following his release saying that his arrest was carried out without formal legal procedures.

The security services arrested the head of the General Syndicate of Teachers, in Tripoli, upon orders of the Attorney General at the Benghazi Court of Appeal.

Following his arrest, the Teachers Union in his hometown of Al-Marj, demanded his immediate release, warning they would announce a sit-in and suspend classes if the authorities overlooked their demand.

Further east, in Al-Bayda city, the teachers decried the arrest of the Al-Niff and warned to follow suit in closing schools in the municipality.

The head of the Teachers Syndicate was held captive in a correction and rehabilitation institution in Tripoli in preparation for his transfer to the Kuwaifia Prison in Benghazi to appear before the Benghazi Court of Appeal, which issued the arrest warrant against him without disclosing the charges.