Libyan Teachers Syndicate and all branch offices announced going on an open strike starting from next Thursday over demands for salary promotions.

In a statement issued after a meeting in Tripoli on Sunday that they demand salary promotions as per proposed law No.10 that was put forth by the Libyan Teachers Syndicate.

“We demand health insurances for all teaching staffers as per law No.20 of 2010 as well as separating High Education Ministry and Education Ministry and launching High Council of Planning and Education Development.” The statement reads.

It added that the teaching staffers agreed to end their previous strike at the beginning of the first study semester as they felt for the students, but they had to make a new move as the promises given by the officials at the time have not been fulfilled yet.

“Those officials want to make political gains and better their posts ignoring the rights of teachers who are the pillars of the society.” The statement remarks.

At the beginning of this study year, the Libyan Teachers Syndicate went on an open strike and then ended it as Presidential Council and Interim Government officials promised to fulfill their promises from east to west and south Libya.

February 22 marked the end of the first semester this year and the second semester will begin on March 11.