In an address to the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, the Tripoli-based House of Representatives (HoR) stated that any call for dialogue, prior to the end of military operations would not be forthcoming.

In a statement, the HoR added that it would not accept any dialogue in which Haftar is a participant in the next stage, or the political future in general, calling on Guterres to implement his authority and perform his duty as dictated by law.

It called on him to seek justice by issuing a firm decision against the perpetrators of the obvious war crimes committed against innocent civilians and punish them accordingly; also to exclude the aggressors from any decision which affects the fate and future of Libya.

The statement required that supporters of Haftar, be held accountable and punished, excluding them from any possibility of taking part in dialogue at any stage in the future.

The House reiterated its demand on Guterres since the start of the aggression, for a clear condemnation of the egregious attacks on innocent civilians and to hold those, recognized by UN’s reports, accountable for these terrible acts.

It went on to say that it had witnessed nothing but an insubstantial public display of disapproval, based on unspecified acts, noting that despair had now marred the prospect of an international resolution to condemn, name and punish Haftar, and protect civilians.