The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aqila Saleh, called on citizens to support the Development and Reconstruction Fund, headed by Belgassim Khalifa Haftar, to achieve development in record time.

During a group Iftar feast organized by the House of Representatives and attended by Khalifa Haftar in Derna, Saleh said that the Reconstruction Fund will work day and night to remove the effects of the floods and return Derna and the affected cities to what every citizen desires, adding that this reconstruction will reach all of Libya.

Aqila Saleh also referred to the efforts of the parallel government in providing citizens with their needs and ensuring their comfort and support, calling on all security and control agencies to stand against fragmentation and opportunism.

The parallel government established a fund for the reconstruction of the city of Derna and the eastern region cities affected by Storm Daniel, and called on countries to donate to it before it created a controversy in the country by assigning Haftar's son Belgassim as the Fund's head.