The Housing and Urban Development Minister, Abubakr Al-Ghawi, stressed the importance of being adequately prepared to tackle challenges posed by natural and environmental disasters.

At the inauguration of the 40th Council of Arab Ministers of Housing and Urban Planning session in Tripoli, Al-Ghawi pointed out that urban development and housing represent key challenges confronting Arab societies.

As reported by the Hakomitna platform, the Minister underscored that collaborative action and cooperation are essential for realizing the collective objectives in urban development. He stressed the need for incorporating sustainable development goals into reconstruction and urban development initiatives.

Al-Ghawi emphasized the imperative of collectively implementing policies and programs that bolster environmental, economic, and social sustainability across Arab cities.

He noted that the United Nations and the 2030 Sustainable Environmental Development Agenda provide a cooperative framework, highlighting the implementation of numerous urban development projects under the Prime Minister's Council's 'Return to Life' strategy.

Furthermore, Al-Ghawi drew attention to ongoing projects to foster sustainable development and preserve the environment, including infrastructural enhancements in urban settings, upgrading public services, and cultivating economic areas.