The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah stressed the need to focus on building cities that rely on renewable energy sources to enhance environmental sustainability in aspects of urban planning.

In his speech during the activities of the 40th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Housing and Construction, held in the capital, Tripoli, Dbeibah indicated that Libya made important steps toward sustainability by establishing and consolidating a culture of stability.

"We realize the importance of localizing sustainable development and the necessity of confronting challenges and disasters, such as rapid population growth, increasing demand for decent housing, which is a citizen’s right, securing infrastructure, and adapting cities to face climate change.” Dbeibah said. 

He pointed out the need to realize the importance of cooperation between government institutions and the private sector to achieve sustainable development to resist risks and disasters, singling out the devastation that the city of Derna suffered as a result of floods, stressing the determination to reconstruct the city and its surrounding areas without any political involvement.

The Libyan PM spoke about Palestine, saying, “We do not forget the besieged and under-attack city of Gaza, which was afflicted with the destruction of all its landmarks with the blessing of the major powers that raise the slogan of human rights. We face a great responsibility to stop this aggression and rebuild this city.”