Human Rights Solidarity has expressed its deep concern over the deteriorating health condition of Iftikhar Boudraa who is being detained by the so-called Internal Security Agency of Khalifa Haftar's forces in Kweifiya prison in Benghazi.

In a statement, the organization called on the Government of National Unity to work for her immediate release and provide the urgent medical care needed.

A security officer visited her family in Benghazi and informed them that her health condition had seriously deteriorated, the organization said.

Mohamed Boudraa, the brother of Iftikhar appeared in a video clip saying that they were told that she was "between life and death."

Militias affiliated with Khalifa Haftar arrested the activist Iftikhar Boudraa in December 2018, because of her criticism of the security and economic conditions in Benghazi on her Facebook page.

A military court affiliated with Haftar had sentenced Boudraa to death by firing squad, before commuting the sentence to ten years in prison.

During her arrest, Boudraa suffered first-degree burn injuries more than two years ago, according to her brother Muhammad, who demanded an independent investigation into the circumstances of the fire incident that took place inside the Internal Security Department in the Kweifiya prison