The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Fatou Bensouda said in a meeting with the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj on Saturday - on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference - that the ICC is keen on pursuing legal actions on all the criminals of whom the court had issued arrest warrants.

According to Al-Sirraj's media office, Bensouda talked about the obstacles her office is facing regarding the apprehension of the wanted criminals in Libya.

She also voiced rejection to any attempts to hide the wanted criminals or get in the way of their handover to the ICC, saying they are providing the UN Security Council with thorough details about the cases in Libya and the people involved in them.

"We are glad to have such a good cooperation with the government which is supporting the ICC's efforts to bring to justice the wanted criminals." Bensouda told Al-Sirraj.

Meanwhile, Al-Sirraj reiterated his government and its judicial institutions' full cooperation with the ICC, saying he is aware of the difficulties due to the political division in Libya.

Al-Sirraj invited Bensouda to visit Libya to review the cases with the Libyan Public Prosecutor's Office, his media office reports, adding that Bensouda agreed on the visit, whose date will be set later.