Wadi Derna

The General Secretariat of INTERPOL plans to send more technical teams to support search and rescue efforts and help identify bodies in the flood-affected areas of Libya, the Interior Ministry said on Friday.

The INTERPOL-dispatched Emirati team is already on the ground, working to identify the flood victims, the ministry noted.

Meanwhile, it indicated that technical teams of the Criminal Investigation Service in Derna have recently recovered 75 bodies and 50 body parts before transferring them to a morgue in Derna.

The recovery operation involved the Coast Guard, the frogmen, the Navy, the emergency team, the field medicine, and the Italian Helicopter Aviation.

The DNA team has also taken tests from 125 unidentified bodies, confirming their work to recover about 100 other bodies from various locations despite "the natural constraints."

For his part, the head of the General Authority for Research and Identification of Missing Persons, Kamal Al-Siwi, confirmed that they had taken 62 DNA samples from unidentified bodies in Derna upon commission from the Public Prosecutor.

He said that identifying the scattered body parts recovered recently is feasible and that teams will begin collecting DNA samples from the victims' families on Saturday.

Regarding the number of recovered bodies, Al-Siwi said the figures are not imprecise due to the different sources and random recovery operations.