Italy hosts Libyan-Italian economic forum in Sicily

Italy hosts Libyan-Italian economic forum in Sicily

July 08, 2017 - 19:59
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Written by: AbdulkaderAssad

A joint statement was issued in Sicily's Agrigento town in Italy marking the relaunch of Libyan-Italian economic cooperation through the Italian-Libyan Economic Forum that was attended by the Italian Foreign Minister, Angelino Alfano, and the Libyan member of UN-proposed government's Presidential Council, Ahmed Mitig.

The forum was kicked off based on the friendship agreement between Libya and Italy signed in 2008.

The statement said that the two countries will work to support stabilization of Libya and will cooperate in the fields of development, reconstruction, infrastructure of airports and reactivate the Libyan-Italian committee of building the coastal road as per the agreement.

The Chairman of the Libyan Council of Businesspersons, Bashir Al-Trabelsi - who is partaking in the forum - said the two countries also agreed to cooperate in trades and will work together to resolve the hindrances that are getting in the way of resuming joint projects.

"We have been invited by the Presidential Council to attend this forum and meet with Italian businesspersons to talk about cooperation in industry, aviation, and maritime trades, as well as training opportunities." Al-Trabelsi explained.

According to the Italian Foreign Ministry, the forum was first proposed by Minister Alfano while on a visit to Tripoli on May 06, and it was immediately hailed by Mitig.

"Historically, Libya has always been a significant partner for Italy, from the economic point of view and the political as well as security ones," said Minister Alfano.

The forum is going to be held on Saturday in the presence of Alfano, Mitiga and other Libyan and Italian businesspersons.

Many Italian companies and organization are taking part in the First Italian-Libyan Economic Forum.