The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj has met with the Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini in Tripoli and has reiterated that any ceasefire agreement should ensure the aggressor [Haftar] doesn't position his forces in locations that allow him to wage another war.

The two officials reiterated the need for the resumption of oil production under the sole oversight of the National Oil Corporation, while Guerini remarked that Libyans should return to the political process as per Security Council resolutions and Berlin Conference conclusions to reach a lasting ceasefire.

They also discussed the measures for the return of Italian firms to work in Libya, security and military cooperation, mine clearance, and training of military cadets and personnel in Italy.

The Italian Defesne Minister was accompanied by a high ranking delegation that included the Chief of Staff and foreign security apparatus chief, among others, while on the Libyan side, GNA Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala, Deputy Defense Minister Sarah Al-Namroush and others attended the meeting.