The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj and the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini have agreed on a program that aims at combatting illegal migration, taking into account economic, security and human rights conditions.

Salvini arrived in Tripoli on Monday and after discussions with Libyan officials, the media office of Al-Sirraj said they both agreed to focus on southern Libyan borders’ security via training Libyan security personnel.

Salvini also met with the deputy head of the Presidential Council Ahmed Mitig, who proposed holding a conference on illegal immigration in mid-September 2018 for a Libyan-Italian solution to this crisis.

“The conference will aim at resolving this dilemma that has been troubling Libya as much as Italy and even more.” Mitig said in a joint presser with Salvini.

Mitig also said that Libya’s anti-illegal immigration policy is ready and Libya is in line with the European partners regarding several visions to solve the crisis, “but Libya totally rejects setting up migrants’ camps on its soil.”

Salvini proposed setting up migrants’ hotspots in southern Libya when he met this morning with Libya’s Interior Minister Abdelsalam Ashour.

“Migrants’ camps in Italy would be a problem for us and Libya. I proposed migrants’ hotspots be set up in southern Libya.” He said on Twitter.