The Libyan Asset Recovery and Management Office (LARMO) and the Libyan Center for Counter-Terrorism signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Sunday in Tripoli to enhance cooperation in combating terrorism and money laundering.

The agreement was signed by Mohamed Mansli, the General Manager of the Libyan State Asset Recovery and Management Office, and Major General Mohamed Bashir, head of the Libyan Center for Counter-Terrorism.

According to the Asset Recovery Office, the agreement aims to strengthen cooperation in combating terrorism, money laundering, and recovering funds obtained through illegitimate means.

Mansli emphasized the importance of the partnership with the Libyan Center for Counter-Terrorism in achieving security and economic objectives, noting that this agreement represents a crucial step towards unifying efforts and enhancing joint capabilities in facing security and financial challenges.

Major General Bashir highlighted the vital role of the step in strengthening national security and confirmed his commitment to working closely with the Asset Recovery Office to achieve shared goals in combating terrorism and money laundering.