Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia have signed an agreement for consultation on managing shared groundwater in the North African desert.

The agreement, inked in the Algerian capital on Wednesday, marks the first outcome of the Maghreb tripartite summit among the three countries.

At the summit, the parties agreed to establish collaborative mechanisms for utilizing shared groundwater in the North African desert and to advance the implementation of a synchronized electrical interconnection project linking the power grids of the three countries.

The Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Mohammed Qanidi, signed the agreement on the Libyan side, while Algeria was represented by the Minister of Water Resources, Taha Darbal, and Tunisia by the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Abdel-Monem Belaati.

Qanidi underscored that the agreement marks the beginning of a new era of coordination among the three countries, especially in the crucial realm of water resources, which is intricately intertwined with all developmental endeavours.