Airstrikes by Khalifa Haftar's backup warplanes hit the Equestrian School in Janzour - west of Tripoli - injuring three to five children and one old man and killing a number of horses, both Fursan Janzour Brigade's spokesman Ahmed Abdeljalili and other sources have reported.

The sources added that the school was full of children training on horse riding when Haftar's warplanes struck it.

Meanwhile, warplanes backing up Haftar's forces have been intensifying strikes these days on different frontlines and other areas away from the frontlines as well, amid engaging in heavy clashes on the ground.

Haftar's warplanes struck Misrata, Sirte, Tajoura and Janzour and they engaged in clashes in Baer Allaq on Sunday, when Haftar's forces advanced near Al-Aziziya district before being pushed back to Al-Sabea district by Libyan Army forces under the command of the Presidential Council's government.