Senior officials in Libya have condemned the Israeli bombing of the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip, killing over 500 people, most of whom were women and children.

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah accused Israel of committing "a heinous crime that exceeded all limits” as he called on world leaders to allow humanitarian aid into the besieged territory.

"Targeting medical and civilian facilities is a war crime, and this aggression must stop," Dbeibah said on X.

The Presidential Council Head, Muhammed Menfi, condemned the attack, stating that it represents a war crime and genocide against the Palestinian people.

"We reiterate our rejection of a new displacement of the Palestinian people by using starvation, siege, and direct targeting of civilians and public institutions and facilities," Menfi wrote on X, demanding the international unity to act and stop "the unjustified" bloodshed.

Libya's Foreign Ministry said the attack is a war crime under international and humanitarian law, and the perpetrators must be held accountable.

"The Ministry reaffirms the firm position of the Libyan State on the justice of the Palestinian issue and the legitimate rights of the brotherly Palestinian people to establish their independent state with the Holy Al-Quds as its capital," the ministry said in a statement.

The blast mostly killed displaced people, who sought refuge in the Christian-run hospital amid a campaign of brutal Israeli air attacks across much of the besieged Gaza Strip.