Libya's Fatwa House has issued a fatwa (a religious edict) against Western companies supporting the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The Fatwa released on Sunday demanded that Muslim states and nations extend support to their brothers in Gaza by all means, including the economic front.

Supporting the people of Gaza and Palestine is a legal duty for all Muslims, rulers, and those ruled, the Sharia Research and Studies Council of the Fatwa House underscored.

Boycotting pro-Israel companies, providing money and arms, using economic and diplomatic cards, staging protests, and other "modern-day weapons" are all sources of leverage that can be used to support the Palestinians, according to the Fatwa House.

The Council said that it is following closely the acts of genocide committed by the Zionists and their allies - led by the US against the children and civilians in the besieged strip.

The consequences of ignoring the cries of those oppressed people will be harsh on everyone, the statement cautioned.

Libya's Presidential Council, the Prime Minister, the Central Bank, the state-run oil corporation, and all government institutions have a legal duty to halt all export and import activities with Western companies and governments that are openly supplying the Israeli occupation authority with weapons, money, and equipment, the Council underscored.

The Fatwa House also directed merchants and consumers to boycott Western-produced products, which companies support the "enemy," especially nonessential and luxury goods.