The Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha met in Tripoli on Thursday with a German delegation and discussed the conclusions of Berlin conference and 5+5 military commission meetings in Geneva.

The Interior Ministry said on Facebook that the German delegation reiterated their country's support for the Government of National Accord (GNA) and for the efforts to reach a political solution in Libya.

"The GNA conditions the return of Haftar's mercenaries and militias to their previous positions and withdrawal from southern Tripoli." Bashagha told the Germans, referring to the crimes and massacres Haftar did in Tripoli, especially his latest carnage in which over 30 cadets were killed at the Tripoli Military College.

He also accused Haftar of using Russian Wagner Group mercenaries, Sudanese Janjaweed fighters and UAE drones to help him enter Tripoli, saying Haftar's forces had violated the ceasefire many times since its announcement on January 12, mentioning the latest attack on Tripoli University.

The German ambassador to Libya Oliver Owcza, according to the Interior Ministry, said Germany was concerned over the escalation of the conflict and that it wanted to reach a political solution plausible to all parties, saying 5+5 meetings in Geneva could bring about some results, wishing Haftar's side would take positive steps toward resolving the crisis.

The German delegation visited Haftar on Wednesday in Al-Rajma in eastern Libya as ambassador Owcza said they talked about Berlin conference progress and the 5+5 dialogue in Geneva.