Tunisian officials have been accused of facilitating travel of ISIS affiliates 

Tunisian authorities are refusing to bring home two Tunisian sisters who are detained in Tripoli for joining ISIS, their mother has revealed.

Rahma and Gofran Al-Shikhawi were arrested in Sabratha, western Libya, shortly after the American airstrike on an ISIS hub in February where around 40 foreigners, mostly Tunisians, were killed.

The two sisters were later transferred to the Special Deterrence Force in Tripoli where they are still waiting for their extradition.

Speaking in a debate program on Al-Hiwar Al-Tunisi TV last week, their mother, Olfa Al-Hamroni, said she telephones them on a regular basis and they receive good treatment from the Deterrence Force.

The Tunisian state is refusing to bring my daughters back, in addition to many other Tunisian ISIS affiliates in the Deterrence Force prisons," she revealed.

According to her, authorities in Tripoli said they are ready to extradite them in implementation to the joint agreements between both countries, but the Tunisian side is reluctant and refusing to coordinate with them.

"I contacted the Tunisian Foreign Ministry twice but they claimed they do not deal with the Deterrence Force," she said.

Olfa also revealed that senior Tunisian officials are involved in sending her daughters abroad according to their revelations to Tripoli officials.

"My daughter Rahma and the Libyan authorities have informed me that top Tunisian officials are involved in facilitating their travel, and Rahma said she is ready to admit this here, and that's why they are refusing to bring them back," she disclosed.   

Olfa said the Tunisian authorities have banned her from travelling to Libya to visit her daughters and bring, at least, her granddaughter, Gofran's daughter, home.

The two sisters have been brainwashed with ISIS ideology after joining free religious lessons by ISIS-related clerics in the Tunisian city of Sousse. Their mother Olfa blamed the former Tunisian Ministry of Interior for giving licenses to those clerics to give lessons in public places and streets.

On Saturday, the Special Deterrence Force busted an ISIS cell in Tripoli in which Tunisian terrorists played a key role.