Libya and Tunisia have agreed to establish a joint system at the land and air crossings to facilitate the transit of Libyan patients for treatment in Tunisia. The system will include complete patient data so that the Tunisian side can receive them smoothly without any delay, taking into account their health condition.

The health representative of the Libyan Embassy in Tunisia, Muhammad Al-Rammah, said that Libya is working with Tunisia through a joint committee to remove obstacles at the land and air borders, strengthen the structure of the medical transport field, and establish health points with all necessary medical equipment.

The Libyan side announced the new measures during a workshop held at the Tunisian Federation of Industry and Commerce headquarters.

The workshop aimed to address the problems faced by Libyan patients sent for treatment in Tunisia and to facilitate their transit procedures through the air and land ports, according to Ali Ayyad, the health office official at the embassy.

At a recent press conference with his Tunisian counterpart, Interior Minister Imad Trabelsi confirmed they had reached comprehensive and permanent solutions to address the issues that have long plagued the joint border crossings between Libya and Tunisia.

Specifically, Minister Trabelsi noted that a new crossing is currently under construction, assuring that all logistical and technical challenges hindering its full opening have been successfully addressed.