Libya signed on Tuesday the amended agreement for regulating transit transportation within the Arab League (LAS).

The agreement, initially adopted by the Economic and Social Council of the LAS in 2022, was signed by Major General Suleiman Ali, Director of Libyan Customs, on behalf of Libya, and by Dr Mohamed Weld Akik, Assistant Secretary-General for Legal Affairs of the Arab League.

The amended agreement, commonly referred to as the Arab Transit Transportation Agreement, seeks to bolster economic development among Arab countries by streamlining transportation regulations and facilitating cross-border trade.

In addition, Libya also submitted its accession document to the Arab Customs Cooperation Agreement, which aims to strengthen collaboration among Arab customs administrations.

The customs cooperation agreement, which entered into force in 2022, allows member states to collaborate in combating customs-related crimes and violations.

Libya is the first Arab country to sign the amended Transit Transportation Agreement and the 9th party to the Arab Customs Cooperation Agreement.