The Libyan Amazigh have started to cast their ballots to elect members for the Amazigh Supreme Council in some of the Libyan cities.

Officials from the election supervising committee indicated that there would be two candidates for each municipality; a man and a woman, except for the municipalities of Jrijein and Tamzin, where people will elect only one candidate ( a man or a woman), all according to the principles of the Libyan Amazigh Supreme Council.

"Polling stations opened today at 8.30 a.m. in Wazzen, Nalut,Kabaw, Tamzin, Jadu, Qala, Yefern, Zuwara and Tripoli, while in Jrijein didn’t open for non-compliance with registration requirements and in Rahibit for security reasons." A statement by the electoral commission said. 

In the Meantime, many municipalities in Nafousa Mountain cities announced Sunday as an official holiday within their administrative boundaries to facilitate the election process for the voters.

The registration of both candidates and voters for the election of the Libyan Amazigh Supreme Council started back in August 09 in the Amazigh-peopled cities and towns.