Commander of the Western Region Joint Operations Room, Major General Osama Joueili, issued a decision to establish a joint force under the command of Brigadier General, Al-Feturi Gharibel charged with important functions, such as securing the western region and tracking armed gangs.

The force will be drawn from the combat units which took part in repelling the aggression on Tripoli with a strength of 500 military personnel from each of the three military regions; the Western, Central, and Tripoli region, according to a statement by the Joint Operations Room.

Among the tasks will be securing the routes in and out of the western region, controlling the movement of military vehicles and weapons, and vacating public and private HQs from groups seizing the sites in violation of the law to hand them over to the official authorities, as well as confiscating armed vehicles and weapons.

One of the core duties of the force will be hunting down smuggling rings involved in smuggling fuel, irregular migration, and other issues, also removing random buildings and preventing encroachment on public lands.