The Association of the Families of the Martyrs of Volcano of Anger Operation has welcomed the Virginia court ruling, convicting Khalifa Haftar of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The association congratulated the families of the victims with this ruling, which it described as a “historic victory” for their case that affects every human being.

It lauded the efforts of the members of the Libyan-American Alliance, saying; ‘even Libyan institutions charged with the rule of law failed to achieve’.

The association was astonished by the position of the Libyan judiciary, which “was standing idly by” in the face of yet the most heinous crimes of the era committed on Libyan soil and against the Libyan people, while the American judiciary, thousands of miles away, issues its verdict, using its jurisdiction on mere nationality element, as it put it.

The association appealed to members of the Libyan judiciary to transcend any political, military or social consideration, and to disregard any Pretexts that undermined justice, and to judge their conscience before being tried by history and humanity.