The Minister of Local Government in the Government of National Unity, Badr Al-Deen Al-Toumi, confirmed that Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah had decided to disburse an additional month’s salary to employees in the affected municipalities to be paid with September's salary.

Al-Toumi added in a press conference that September's salaries of public sector employees across the country would be transferred to the Central Bank of Libya this week, Hakomitna platform said on Sunday.

Al-Toumi, who is the head of the Dbeibah government’s emergency and rapid response team, indicated that the PM requested to begin disbursing the fourth quarter of the wife and children’s grant, in the same week, explaining that the priority was for citizens in the eastern region.

Regarding the registration of the damaged buildings, Al-Toumi spoke about assigning the Survey Authority to register the areas of the affected areas, and to determine the number of damaged buildings and residents in the affected areas.

He pointed out that cases of contamination of drinking water had increased to 150 cases in the east as a result of being mixed with sewage, according to the National Center for Disease Control, which declared a state of emergency for an entire year in the floods-ravaged area.

Al-Toumi said that the Ministry of Health sent 63 containers of medical supplies to the branches of the Medical Supply Authority, bringing the total containers sent to the east to 99. Meanwhile, teams from the Ministry of Justice took DNA samples from 360 bodies.

The Minister of Health in the government appointed by the House of Representatives, Othman Abdel Jalil, said last Friday that the Public Prosecution was currently continuing to take samples from the bodies to match them with the DNA of their families in order to identify the bodies.