A possible looming large-scale attack could hit Al-Watiya airbase, should the "danger increase", despite an unavoidable "social damage" it would bring about, said the commander of western Libya joint operations room Osama Juwaili.

Juwaili told Libya TV Channel that Libyan Army forces have been trying since the beginning of the April attack to avoid the western region a social dilemma that could fan the war, adding that Cyrenaica and its people aren't to blame for the Tripoli offensive.

"The real beginning of the offensive against Tripoli wasn't in April 2019, but it was in February 2014 when Khalifa Haftar announced his coup against civil state. His attack wasn't a surprise as it was expected since his forces took control of the southern region and Al-Jufra airbase, so we placed some military backup to thwart his forces' attacks in some areas so the rest of our forces can have time to regroup and fight against his aggression." Juwaili indicated.

He said their forces are being subject to the Security Council arms embargo while the countries supporting Haftar have been supplying his forces with modern weapons, which made the battle very tough on the first days, adding that Gharyan people have much of the credit for liberating the city, which was a turning point in the battle.

Juwaili added that Haftar's attacks on Mitiga and Misrata Airports were done using US-made bombs that can be carried only by F16 and Rafale aircraft, which both the UAE and Egypt own.

Juwaili explained that Haftar's use of mercenaries in fighting isn't something new and they are from Sudanese and Chadian opposition groups; not from Sudanese Janjaweed, and from the Russian Wagner Group, adding that they had captured Sudanese and Chadian mercenary fighters but bot Russian ones, who are very careful not to get caught and to evict the bodies of their killed fellow mercenaries when they change positions.