The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said there are four essential preconditions for the success of the UN envoy Abdoulaye Bathily's initiative, naming them as "mutual trust, all parties' readiness to secure elections, establishing fair and implementable election laws and disallowing parallel initiatives." 

Dbeibah also verbally attacked the legislative authority (House of Representatives), saying that it is the basis of disagreement in the country, adding in a cabinet meeting on Tuesday in Al-Zawiya city that the legislative authority decides laws and repeals them in a manner that has become controversial.

He stressed that the success of the dialogue depends on not allowing parallel tracks to confuse the only goal, which is holding  elections, renewing his warning about “parallel spending” by saying that it exceeded 15 billion dinars without being subject to the oversight of the Audit Bureau.

During the cabinet meeting, Dbeibah established a special unit to support the Oil Crescent regions, declaring that a sum of oil export revenues would be deducted for the benefit of the newly-formed unit.

Dbeibah described the rumors about granting the port of Al-Khums and Misrata free zone to some foreign countries as “nonsense,” denying the validity of that news, and stressing that his government wouldn't give up any of the country’s rights. He also reaffirmed his position in support of the Palestinian Cause and condemned all types of crimes committed against the Gaza Strip.