The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said Tuesday that his government wants to provide electricity generated from solar energy to Europe, adding at the second Libyan-German Economic Forum in Tripoli that his government has opened the door for energy investments and called on German businesspersons to join.

Dbeibah said his government also wants to start working in the green energy sector and to have real investments through gas and oil, promising that Libya will a leading country in this field, and reiterating support for the private sector to be the backbone of the future of the Libyan economy.

The German ambassador to Libya Michael Ohnmacht said that German companies can contribute to achieving political and economic stability in Libya. He also said Germany welcomes UN envoy Abdoulaye Bathily's initiative to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in 2023. Ohnmacht referred to his recent meetings with representatives of Libyan institutions, Libyan women and businessmen, who all expressed their desire for strong economic relations between Libya and Germany, saying they all requested the return of German companies.

"There are a lot of German companies that are already operating in Libya now, and the best evidence for skeptics is the large delegation representing German companies in the forum. The German economy is based on small and medium-sized companies, and some of them do not have the desire to cooperate with their counterparts in Libya because of the general conditions in the country, so we want to send a message to those companies and the public opinion in Germany that we are able to achieve political and economic stability in Libya.” Ohnmacht remarked.